Tried & Tested: Philips Satin Perfect

As a member of trnd.com I was chosen to review the new Philips Satin Perfect depilation set.

The set contains an epilator and four different caps, a precision epilator and smart tweezers.
So far I can only comment on the design of the epilator as I have only used the tweezers so far, but man, they're good.

They have an integrated light and come in a little protective case with an integrated mirror. The light really helps to get even the finest hairs and the tweezers are really precise, so plucking my eyebrows was done within minutes and this time I can really say, that no stray hairs survived the pluck attack. :)

The design of the epilator is really lovely. It's very elegant and simple, yet feminine at the same time. The Opti-Light is a really smart addition, I think, and the new wider head promises to cover a maximum area of skin.

I'll put it to the test and I'll keep you updated over the coming weeks.

Take care,

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